The nightmare that is Chuck E Cheeses

We took Elliott and Emmett to Chuck E Cheeses on Saturday.  Elliott’s birthday is on Monday and we wanted to do something special for him.

He’s going through a lot right now and we wanted to just celebrate him in a way that he would be thrilled to death with.  He loves Chuck E Cheeses and actually does really well there despite everything that Chuck E Cheeses is. 

We all had a great deal of fun until I got sick.  That’s right, Daddy sorta ruined things towards the end because I had to get home and lay down.

The boys were really understanding and I’m really grateful for that but I still feel really bad. 

I’m really glad the boys had a good time but OMFG, I friggin HATE Chuck E Cheeses.  It’s loud and obnoxious.  There’s also way too many people there and entirely too many unsupervised kids.

Poor Lizze.  She endured this for the boys and I find that amazing. Chuck E Cheeses isn’t exaxtly migraine friendly.  However, she took this in stride and I’m just amazed by her.  🙂


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I hate, loathe, detest and despise Chuck E. Cheese.  Fortunately we are past the age when my kids might be invited to go there.  The next level of similar nightmarishness are “family fun parks” with all the “teach them to become gamblers” games and mini golf and sometimes even go-carts.  One time my husband’s work place had an employee appreciation day at such a place.  I stood in line for the go-carts with my son, and they closed the gate with a “times’ up” JUST BEFORE it would have been his turn to drive.  Needless to say there were numerous Aspie meltdowns among my kids that day…and my son was heartbroken about the go-carts.  Never. ever. again.


@AlanaJulianaSheldahl my kids do okay at Chuck E Cheeses, surprisingly. However, the aftermath of overstimulation is never a good thing. I personally can’t stand these places and I’m NT. I can’t imagine the sensory assault this has on our kids.

Jim Smeth

@AlanaJulianaSheldahl WOW. All i can say is WOW. that puts it into a new perspective for me. I mean, anytime that happens to someone like you or I, you get pissed off about it, but youre over it eventuallY. I cant imagine an Aspies disappointment and frustration and even trauma. Wow. Thanks for the different view of that


Thank you, Jim.  My heart breaks a little bit just remembering that day.  But I think my son has grown past it.  He’s maturing in wonderful ways.