Facing the fallout -

Facing the fallout

Gavin left last night to go back to his Grandparents house. He was home all week and while for the most part he was doing okay, the impact of him being home is being felt, even after his departure.

I refer to this impact as fallout.


Elliott and Emmett don’t get along very well when Gavin has been home for any period of time.

Truthfully, they don’t get along all the time anyway but it’s much worse when Gavin’s been involved. I’m not entirely sure what is behind this behavioral change in the boys but I suspect it has to do with everything they have been through when Gavin actually lived here full time.

The boys absolutely love Gavin but at the same time have learned to fear him as well. It’s very confusing for them and I think that tends to lead to them becoming overstimulated very quickly when he’s home. 

From there it’s an overstimulation roller coaster ride…..

I’m hoping that this weekend will bring with it a sense of peace  and feeling of safety for the boys….

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For more ways to help the Lost and Tired family, please visit Help the Lost and Tired Family.

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I hope all the boys settle well for you and you have a peaceful weekend. I have a overstimulated boy myself 🙁


TrishMorrin thanks. Right back at’cha

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