Here’s why days like today are tougher for my kids with #Autism

Here’s why days like today are tougher for my kids with #Autism

Another day has come and gone.  It wasn’t the best day in the world because I was completely exhausted but the boys did pretty awesome and I got a break, courtesy of my amazing Mother. 

Gavin spent the afternoon in Youngstown, helping his Great Grandma with some odds and ends around the house.  My Mom says he did awesome.  Frankly, I’m not surprised because he’s an awesome kid.  ☺

I’m gonna be very honest and tell you that I slept after Gavin left and woke up in time to get the boys home from school.  You know what? It’s all about survival. 


The boys had a good day at school today.  That’s not really a surprise either but Elliott was upset about something that happened during martial arts. It’s really just kids being kids and Elliott is very sensitive.  These kids are all on the Autism Spectrum and they’re all his friends, so I’m not overly concerned.

We talked about it and I tried to help him understand that even friends can tease each other sometimes.  Like I said, he’s really sensitive to even silly things. He did seem to move on and there’s nothing that needs to be addressed.  I may send his teacher a note on Dojo but that’s it.

I’ll just keep it on my radar. 

After school we pretty much went straight to Dr. Pattie’s and from there, straight to their Mom’s for dinner. 

Every other Wednesday is a tougher day for the boys because they get sorta rushed around after school.  By the time they get home, it’s time for bed.  It’s not really fair to them, especially during the school year but they’ve adjusted pretty well and it seems to be a mostly positive thing. In fact, Elliott actually did his homework while he was over there tonight and that’s a first.  ☺

There’s always a bit of transition difficulties whenever they come home but it was manageable and they went to bed without much problem. 

I am concerned about Emmett but I save that for another post. 

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I appreciate each and every one of you.  Without you, none of this would be possible..  ☺ 💜

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