Welcome to an IVIG Infusion @AkronChildrens

Gavin finished up this month’s IVIG infusion at Akron Children’s Hospital.  I thought I would share today’s journey in the form of a slideshow (with no audio).


The process was begun at 9am and ended around 2pm. In total, it took about 5 hours to complete.

Exhausting is the word that comes to mind.

Anyway, Gavin did really well, both behaviorally and physically. There were a few times I was concerned that he was going to crash but he managed to avoid a trip to the ER.

The scariest moment for me was after we had left the infusion lab and we’re walking to the car. His heart rate dropped from the mid 130’s to 54 bpm.

I wasn’t sure we were going to get to leave the hospital this afternoon.

Thankfully however, he pulled out of it and we made it home.  He’s at my parents house waiting to be picked up by Lizze’s mom.

I have to say that I was really impressed with how well he did.  He got nervous a few times and panicked but pulled it together and did really well in the end. I’m really proud of him.

The staff at Akron Children’s Hospital once again, surpassed my every expectation.  Simply awesome.


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Well done Gavin. Great news, glad it went well for Gavin. Must be such a big thing for him and for you each time you have to do this. All my love to your family. Trish.