Coping with Gavin and his “Imaginary Friend’s”

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We had a long talk with Dr. Pattie last night, about all that’s been going on with Gavin.  I showed her the video of Gavin playing cards with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Jack.

At this point, we aren’t sure what to think and just how concerned to be.

The truth is that Gavin’s happy and who knows what would happen if he didn’t have these friends to play with. 

There is also reason to be very concerned though. Gavin is spending more time in his imaginary world than in reality.  This has become a slippery road and one that we have to navigate very carefully. 

One of the things we learned tonight is that Sonic lives in the house that’s behind the giant metal robot, that’s behind our house.

If you find that confusing, join the club.

It’s so hard to watch your child go through something like this.

We have to be very careful not to appear bothered or upset by any of these things because he will simply stop telling us about them and we’ll have no insight into his state of mind.  


I also don’t want him to feel like we’re judging him for this, because we aren’t and never would. 

This is part of who he is and while it’s something that needs to be carefully controlled and monitored, at this point he’s not hurting anyone.  We are still working on adjusting medications to get these things back under control.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any way to know for sure if we will ever succeed in achieving that magical goal of being properly medicated..

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Lost and Tired

Meaghan1985 rmagliozzi no, he hasn’t been tested for COMT. That’s interesting and something that I’ll bring up at our next appointment


that is scary.. Has Gavin been tested for a genetic mutation called COMT? My oldest child tested positive for this and it causes serious neurotransmitters imbalances and high ammonia levels, etc It.has also been linked  to higher likelihood of developing schizophrenia from the research I have read. Of course, many of these things he suffers from could somehow be linked to his dysautonomia as well. I hope he pulls of out this phase quickly..


You mentioned earlier that someone commented saying at least Gavin’s hallucinations and delusions were nice, non-threatening ones. On a related note I would like to say something you’ve never mentioned and perhaps haven’t noticed: unlike a lot of kids with RAD, it doesn’t appear that Gavin is cruel to animals. I don’t recall you ever having said he’s super-nice to animals or anything like that, but I’m assuming he’s not mean to them or you wouldn’t be able to have the pets you have.