What do you do when the kids are in bed?

Let’s keep this clean…..ish but I was wondering what you all do after the kids go to bed?

Most of the time, Lizze and I are so exhausted by the end of the day that we crash on the couch and watch Netflix and work on our respective blogs.

Tonight, Lizze and I are watching the first two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen before we try to go to sleep. After a really stressful day, it’s nice to watch someone else getting screamed at for a change. 🙂


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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We have accumulated a collection of card/board games for 2, for the nights we both manage to stay up – Netflix is popular too, though 🙂 Also bought a collection of Table Topics cards which were a pleasant surprise, nice to talk about other things than the house/kids/work for a change!


mrsfoorce that is a great idea


lostandtired mrsfoorce some of our favorites are Quiddler, Monopoly Deal (the 15 min version of Monopoly), SET and Farkle. The Table Topics are on uncommongoods. We also play Letterpress and Words With Friends a bunch on ipods, sometimes from different rooms or buildings when putting kids to bed and/or if hubby is working late.


The kids bedtime starts at 7:30 for teeth brushing and potty. Then my husband reads a story to the youngest 2 while I play counselor with my 10 yo. She likes to talk about her day in private. Then I play counselor with my youngest daughter so she can tell me all that she is afraid of. I try not to rush them along because I know I want to keep them in touch with me. I know it will pay off in their teen years. By the time they get to bed I might be able to squeeze in my show. Then my hubby comes out from laying down with my son till he falls asleep. Then we watch a couple of shows together and head to bed about 10:30. Some nights we actually manage to get in a conversation


JenniferWhynott that’s awesome, exhausting but awesome. 🙂


My husband watches TV. I either crash or try to get some baking done, pack kids lunches, sometimes try to catch up on housework. If I have the energy, I might go to the gym or do some writing.


rmagliozzi I like the whole baking thing. 🙂


The only downside to baking at that hour is you can’t really run the blender, unless you have the type of children that can sleep through a nuclear explosion. Mine don’t.


Now that my kids are older, sadly, I often just go back to work at my desk.  But I remember those days with small kids where the days are so exhausting you just sit there like a zombie.  It gets better.


dotdash thanks. 🙂