Women really are the stronger sex

Women really are the stronger sex

As the day goes on, I’m feeling worse and worse.  My throat hurts and I can’t stop sneezing to save my life. I’m not sure what it is is that I’m coming down with but all signs point to the Man Cold.

What’s a Man Cold?


A Man Cold is what my wife calls it when I get sick with something that most Mom’s would simply work through. Man Cold is a pretty common term used to describe when a man gets sick and goes down with something a woman would be expected to work through.  Make sense?

I can’t speak for all guys but I will say that I rarely ever get sick. Typically though, when I do, I get really sick. 

On the flip side, I will say without hesitation that woman are the stronger of the sexes. This is especially true when it comes to my house. 

My wife works through pain, most couldn’t even imagine,, including myself and never complains.  I have a high threshold for pain and I’m a pretty tough guy but nowhere near as tough as my wife…  My better half lives in severe chronic pain and to be completely honest, I don’t know how she even gets out of bed in the morning. While what she can do is limited, nothing could stop her from reaching that limit, kicking it in the nuts and pushing just a little bit further. 

That to me, is amazing. 

I have absolutely no problems admitting that men generally can’t do as well as women, more specifically mothers, when it comes to being sick or injured and still taking care of their family. 

I’ve always considered myself lucky to have such a strong woman in my life and I don’t feel threatened by that in the least. 

When I’m actually really sick or feeling nauseous, I don’t want to move, let alone feel up to care for anyone else.  I hate puking and I’m kinda a big baby about it.  My wife on the other hand feels this way quite frequently and doesn’t let that stop her from doing what she feels she needs to do. 

I think Mothers are just that way.  There some type of inner strength that we as men, simply don’t have.  I think I’ve read somewhere that men couldn’t survive the pain of child birth.

Anyway, I’m probably going to pathetically go down in flames, shot out of the sky by a Man Cold.  I’ll try really hard to keep going but inevitably I will be defeated and my wife will have to assume command of the ship for a little while.  That’s okay though, I know that we’re in good hands.  🙂

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Aka Super Mommy

Feel better, Rob!


Aka Super Mommy thank you


There is something to being wimpy however, since you rest your body does a better job of fighting it off and you get well sooner. I have worked through being sick as well as taking the time to rest and eat/drink right and I got better much sooner with the latter. But it you want to boost your immune system, beta carotene and of course vit. C do wonders.


MicheleChaney well said. 🙂


Hope you feel better soon. Trish.


TrishMorrin thank you 🙂


I have worked at home through a cold for 2 days before my husband noticed I was sick and he was off one day. I love the man but sometimes he can really let things slide. He is similar to you in that he rarely gets sick for longer than a day. When he gets a doozy you would think he was dying. He will lay in bed and moan and shiver relentlessly. He overdoes everything. I swallow some pills and keep on keeping on. I guess it is just a part of life.


JenniferWhynott case in point 🙂

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