Why would he run into a wall, over and over again?

Why would he run into a wall, over and over again?

I’m on the verge of losing my mind.  The boys are driving me completely crazy.  Elliott and Emmett are literally all over the place. 

Neither one of them are listening and I have grown to hate the sound of my own voice.

Gavin on the other hand just informed that his heart rate monitor watch is broken.  Why is it broken you ask? Remember that birthday party that Lizze and I let him go to this past weekend, against our better judgment? It turns out that he spent some time running over and over again, into a brick wall. 

Smashing into the wall, cracked the screen and damaged the display. 

Now only half of the display works and it no longer works to check his heart right.  We are going to have to replace it, just not right now because it’s not in the budget.

I’m more upset upon finding out that they was running into walls, on purpose, thank the fact fact that his expensive watch is broken.

He has no explanation as to why he was doing this. 

I get so frustrated because Gavin has little to absolutely zero commonsense.  Why would he do his? Perhaps it was sensory? However, the most likely scenario is that he got carried away because he was to excited.

Right now I’m not excited at the prospect of having to replace his watch and even less excited about the notion that he could have seriously hurt himself.

We are going to have to think twice before allowing him to go anywhere without us. I hate that.


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Alicia Cross

My oldest would do that


My kid does something similar. He likes to crash his body into furniture, doors, walls, and people. I was told by his therapists it is sensory related.


DHealthyTipss Lost_and_Tired the title intrigues me!


NikkiSchwartzVB Lost_and_Tired Time to get those new shoes: http://t.co/7KWCZPc9Rc


Overstock offers a heart rate monitor watching starting at just $21: 


Lost_and_Tired you might be running into a wall, over and over again questioning why 😉

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