Time To Speak Up: What do you want from #Autism Awareness Month?

This is a pretty straight forward question.  What do you want to see happen, as a result of #Autism Awareness Month?

It’s really important that we let our voices be heard.

Your voice is so important and the world needs to hear what you have to say.  I want everyone to know that I’m here to listen.  🙂


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lisa DeSherlia

What do I want from Autism Awareness Month? I would like to see awareness become support. I want people to show autism awareness AND autism support by signing AND circulating my autism petition, which calls for comprehensive autism services for all those who need them. The petition is launched at two platforms. Support it at: http://tiny.cc/vq5ztw AND at: http://tiny.cc/mrsahw.
We can all do this together!


Starting from the beginning. Maybe the
“awareness” of mercury in vaccines. They are unnecessary in any
vaccine, especially in infants and then repeatedly. Having said
that, I don’t know this is the cause of Autism and since I’m not a
scientist I can’t advocate the lack of vaccines. Both my children
had vaccines and didn’t have similar outcomes.

“Awareness” to me starts at home.
New parents being aware of typical child development/play stages, and
making sure physicians heed warning signs. Children with Autism
learn, smell, taste, feel, see and deal with life in a different way.
We can’t buttonhole any child, but “awareness” would be sticking
with a gut feeling if something is off.

“Awareness” also means researching
support/education options. This doesn’t mean just settling for what
your school system has to offer. There are options out there.

“Awareness” would be learning
alternative methods in raising/teaching a child with Autism. Learning
you can’t just reprimand or tell them how things should be. They
need to be shown, repeatedly, with patience. They don’t understand
all directions, facial expressions, sarcasm, consequences and
generally the world they live in. This holds true for parents,
teachers, caregivers and relatives.

As it should be with all parents,
“awareness” also means being an advocate in every situation. Not
sure I ever learned this tactfully, but I sure realized it had to be

When we first placed our son in a
mainstream classroom, I asked my husand if we were putting him into a
world he couldn’t cope with. He told me “We all live in one

So I guess, “Awareness” to me is
patience, love and understanding.


In the course of treating severe and extreme behaviors that may occur in certain cases of children and adults, I want to promote and recommend the book “Hope For The Violently Aggressive Child,” written by Dr. Ralph Ankenman. I personally have my autistic son under this treatment protocol and I found it helps prevent rage episodes from occurring. It has helped with reducing tantrums and is a better approach than using anti-psychotics. The cognitive fog and movement disorders associated with using drugs like Risperdal and Abilify interfere with a child’s quality of life (learning and socializing). See: http://autismisnotviolent.com/?page_id=20 .

Ryan Tilton

I want there to be more awareness and understanding. I want awareness for more services for adults, I want there to be more awareness of the mason alert. I want awareness and reform for autism service dogs.


Ryan Tilton a-friggin-men to that one. Very good idea.


Hi, I have been around long enough to have watched as Autism hardly existed before the US passed a law that said you could never sue a vaccine maker in regular court thus kids went from a few vaccines to more than 70 overnight and autism suddenly appeared in large numbers especially since they started vaccinating 3 hour old babies for a disease that they COULD NOT GET, Not for the benefit of the baby whatsoever in 1991. For a decade now they have been injecting pregnant women with Mercury and dangerous shots proven not to work (We now have the highest incidence of Pertussis, Whooping Cough in vaccinated kids). When everyone learns that US Vaccine court already awarded over 2 BILLION dollars for the consequences, including Autism (as that is not in the news or on TV) We can turn this epidemic OFF along with the dangerous peanut allergies (peanut by products in vaccines) Juvenile diabetes, ADHD, Perpetual ear infections, LD, from the aluminum, antifreeze formaldehyde, thimerosal etc. Of course once a child is injured I hope all get to see “Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs,” for straight forward options to heal children now.


ShelleyTzorfas while I don’t want this to turn into a vaccine debate, I do want point a few things out. Vaccine injury is very real, rare but real. A link between vaccines and Autism is not. If there is a link, it’s far from the other only cause.
The fly in vaccine ointment is the fact that kids are diagnosed with Autism and never had a single vaccine.
There is a lot of opinions that are presented as facts and parents need to be able to make responsible decisions about vaccinating their kids without having to wade through people’s opinions.
As far as the comment about vaccines for diseases that you cannot get,I find that incredibly irresponsible to say something like that.
I would encourage everyone to make decisions based on conversing with a trusted physician and some deep soul searching. Only you can decide what’s best for your family.
I thank you for sharing your opinion and I mean no disrespect but this topic can lead to very ugly things.

Evelyn Lopez Delgado

I want to help right here, right now with respite and understanding.

Cynthia L. Cournoyer

How about some curiosity about the cause.


I want the teachers of our children in mainstream schools to know that our children need more help. Some children can not cope in the average 30 + kid classrooms. They need one on one help in some cases.


TrishMorrin very well said. I completely agree. 🙂


I would like them to go into work places and see that even with supposed training understanding and polices that some members of staff are still do not help understand or care.


GarethEdwards that’s a very good idea. Many people would benefit from that. 🙂