This is going to be a rough birthday for my youngest

June 26th is Emmett’s birthday. It’s probably going to be a little rough for him, considering all that’s going on in his life.

As it stands, there isn’t much planned aside from his special dinner. Emmett has become allergic or at least very sensitive to dairy products again and so a cake is a bit difficult at this point.

He was getting really stressed out because he couldn’t decide what he wanted for his birthday. I finally told him not to worry about it because there’s no rule that he has to open a present on his birthday. He can take his time and when he’s ready, we can get it.

This will be his first birthday since Lizze left last year and that’s not going unnoticed by him. He’s not saying a great deal about it but it’s pretty obvious he’s sad.

I’m not sure what he wants to do for his special dinner. He’s very, very indecisive right now and he’s not the kind of kid that would appreciate being surprised. I pretty much at his mercy, so to speak.

At the very least, we have an awesome dinner and make sure his day is special. The rest of it can come if and when he’s ready.

I wish it was easier because I want to celebrate his birthday but it’s not about me or what I want. It’s about what Emmett wants and what Emmett needs.

When the boys go over to see their mom, mid-July, they’re going to celebrate over there as well. Hopefully that will be more of a traditional birthday for him. At this point in time, I’m just following his lead and not pressuring him to make any decisions. We’ll get this all figured out.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

Happy birthday Emmett!


Happy birthday, Emmett!