Can we move past the #Autism and #Vaccine debate?

I set up a poll on my Facebook page asking if people would be willing to move past the vaccine debate and not so much on the why but instead focus on supporting those already impacted.

Most people have said they want to see us stop worrying so much about why Autism happens and spend the time and energy once used to argue over vaccines on something more important.

I thought it would be interesting to  see if you, my readers, are willing to spend less time on the same old pointless debate about what causes Autism, and instead redirect your energy in a positive way? Are you will to focus on how we help those already affected?

Is the community ready to move forward?

Your opinion is really important to me and I wanted to see where you folks stood. 


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Kylie Whhite

Rob, I totally understand your view. However Vaccination does somewhat contribute to autism. The reason many people including myself cannot let it go cause , We could have prevented our loved one being diagnosed with autism. “Prevention is better than Cure”. Now We of course have to live today and tackle issues that are presented at this very moment including how to help more and more to autistic people. We simply cannot erase our past. So learn from the past and move on. So I am on neutral side right now.


@Kylie Whhite I guess that’s the point, there shouldn’t be sides. Even if, vaccines contributed to Autism they would be far from the only cause.


As a professional in the business, I have to tip toe around this debate way too much.  I am with you 100% this arguing needs to stop.  We need to focus on what helps those diagnosed as having autism.  There are surely enough obstacles in their way, that we could spend our time on.  I do my interventions based on the research derived from fMRI scans of the autism brain, and it works well.  We can get a whole lot farther together than we can get divided.


mrphillipctrs well said. Thank you.


Funny, for years I’ve been obsessed with what is causing this huge rise in Autism…like seriously obsessed, and now that my little guy is on the spectrum, I don’t care what caused it…all I care about now is how can I help him! I’m with you. I’m honestly almost afraid to know the cause at this point, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life beating myself up for something I did or didn’t do to cause his autism.


AtoZ very well said. Thank you.