My schedule is completely booked today, leaving no room for any complications

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It’s going to be hella busy today. I’ll get the boys to school and have to leave shortly after for Gavin’s appointment with his psychiatrist. It’s just a regular medication check and I’m not expecting anything Earth shattering. Even better is the fact that it’s an in town appointment and our car will survive it. ☺

The only downside is that there tends to be a wait at this office. We should be the first or second appointment of the day so that should minimize our risk but we’ve waited over 3 hours for our appointment, on many occasions. By that I mean our appointment can be at noon but we aren’t actually seen until closer to 4 PM.

I’m hoping to avoid that. Actually, I have to avoid that.

I have to be at the dentist by 1:50 PM because I have those 2 baby cavities that need filled and I’m hoping they will be able to smooth down a couple sharp edges that are causing me some grief. Other than that, aingot to get my wisdom teeth pulled sometime next year and I’m all set.

The goal is to be done in time to pick up the boys from school but Lizze’s Mom is on standby just in case. ☺

After my appointment, we have Tuesday night family therapy.

Somewhere in between, I need to eat and maybe catch my breath. It’s going to be a super crazy, with very little margin for error but we should be able to weather it and live to fight another day. ☺

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