I'm the #3 Autism Blogger -

I’m the #3 Autism Blogger

I’m honored and beyond humbled to announce that I have been name to the Sharecare Top 10 Autism Bloggers list.

Check out the Sharecare site for more about the individuals on this list.

Here is a link to the official Press Release

More information below:



Sharecare Social HealthMakers (formerly SharecareNow Online Influencers) are among the most influential people in health and wellness on the Web, literally driving “conversations on the leading edge.” They address a wide range of issues within specific topic areas while demonstrating consistent impact across multiple interactive channels–such as Twitter, Facebook, video and blogs. This impact is measured through a proprietary algorithm based on more than 100 individual metrics developed and powered by WCG, the marketing-leading digital communications agency, quantifying topic relevance, syndication, presence and reach. Sharecare has identified Social HealthMakers in weight loss, infertility, heart disease, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

About Sharecare:

Sharecare is a health and wellness social network that connects people with experts, ranging from doctors and specialists to hospitals, healthcare companies and health-conscious consumers. The power behind the site‘s unique Q&A format is its collective wisdom, providing health-seeking consumers with answers reflecting multiple expert perspectives–greatly simplifying the search for quality information. Created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz in partnership with Harpo Productions, Sony Pictures Television and Discovery Communications, Sharecare allows people to ask, learn and act upon questions of health and wellness, creating an active community where knowledge is shared and put into practice–simply said, sharing care. Launched in 2010, Sharecare is based in Atlanta, GA.



HealthMakers - Autism Release Final_Page_1


HealthMakers - Autism Release Final_Page_2

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eagle eye on you

Rob, congrats- your story needs to become public- I am sure your hard work wil now become well known-

Melani Soli Maysenhalder

Love your blog Rob ! Also share it on my twitter accounts!

Rebecca Love Droste

Congratulations, Rob Gorski !!


allanapratt SharecareNow thank you so much for the tweet


Congrats!  🙂  Well deserved.


OnyxPanthyr thank you 🙂


Lost_and_Tired Congratulations Rob! I hope that gets you more traffic and more awareness and everything like that. Nice to be appreciated.


@meggy_head @Lost_and_Tired thanks. 🙂 the more attention I get the more people I can try and help.

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