#Autism: When sensory issues interfere with life

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One of the things we struggle with in the Lost and Tired family on an almost daily basis, are sensory issues.  By far, Emmett struggles the most as he has the most sensory processing issues.

As long as I can remember, Emmett has had a hard time with things like clothes and especially shoes and socks.

These have never really gone away. He does seem to cope better on some days than on others. I think stress has a lot to do with it. He’s definitely gotten worse since he’s lost occupational therapy.

Lately we’ve been dealing with a lot of problems related to his shoes and socks.  He’s always complaining that his socks are “itchy”.  We go through the motions of checking and even brushing his foot.  Sometimes it helps and other times it doesn’t. 

I can’t tell you how many times he will stop dead in his tracks and either get really upset or simply sit down and pull his shoe and sock off. 

Oddly enough, it seems to be his right foot more often than  his left. 

Lizze and I had the boys out to the playground again today and it happened a lot today.

All of a sudden he would just plunk down and take his shoe off, in an attempt to make the sensation go away. 
It’s really tough to watch him go through this all the time.


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Have you tried microfiber socks?  Like the kind you would usually wear around the house to just keep your feet warm?  They’re super soft since they’re not made of normal sock material.  Maybe he’d like the feel of those?


OnyxPanthyr I think we are going to try the seamless socks again. But I’m intrigued by the microfiber one. Thanks 🙂


Poor guy. Do you think an enclosed slip on shoe like watershoes might help at times? Of course he can’t do alot of athletics in them, but probably okay to wear when just out and about. These were a saving grace for my son with sensory issues, and you could forgo the socks, perhaps.


rmagliozzi that’s not a bad idea. Something else I’ve wanted to try are those shoes with toes. They look weird and honestly creep me out a but they would be nice and tight.


lostandtired Those shoes with toes are great, but they take some time getting used to, and they are difficult to put on. I have had mine for a year now, and I still sort of notice them constantly, when I am wearing. My autistic son would absolutely hate them.


Lisbeth lostandtired And ironically enough, I absolutely love mine. I love being able to ‘feel’ it all. A lot more secure. They’re not too hard to put on if you stand and try to ‘walk’ into them.
Find a retailer locally and try them on before you buy a pair. They are kind of expensive but some places have them for cheaper online. Just watch out for knock offs.