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I’m going to sleep tonight and as I close my eyes, I say a tiny little prayer.  My prayer is that Elliott will go to school in the morning. I pray that we don’t have anymore storms tonight that will have his anxiety through the roof by the time he wakes up in the morning.


As much as I love my sweet little Elliott, and I do with my whole heart, I need him to go to school in the morning. 

Having him and Emmett home at the same time, during the day, is quite stressful. 

It throws off Emmett’s routine and that makes life a bit more challenging for everyone. 

Thankfully, I think the inclement weather has moved on and we should be in good shape.  Elliott needs to be around his friends at school and distracted from all that worries him.

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  • theideaqueen says:

    I remember those days. Where you feel one kid is slipping through the cracks while you tend to the one melting down. Fortunately for us, the solution was autistic home, non-autistic in school. I understand, though, that probably wouldn’t be the solution for you 🙁