Legos don't belong inside your nose -

Legos don’t belong inside your nose

Okay…. Emmett’s home now and breathing better.  🙂

Lizze and I were downstairs when Elliott came running downstairs to get us.  Behind him was Emmett, screaming at him not to tell us.

Elliott told us anyway and we learned that Emmett had crammed a Lego all the way up his left nostril.

Apparently, he was imitating something he saw on an episode of Ben 10 and this was the end result. 

We dropped Elliott off at my parents and headed off to Akron Children’s Hospital.  Our experience with our local hospitals, hasn’t always been positive, when it comes to our kids on the Autism spectrum.  The drive to Akron Children’s Hospital was necessary and worth it. 

They got him back right away and while this was a first for us, it was not it for them.

We explained that Emmett was Autistic and we weren’t sure how this was going to go. They knew just what to do and did it well.


Emmett was wrapped up in a sheet to keep his arms restrained.  However, this actually had a calming effect on him and he was fighting anyone. 

Because there was so much inflammation, the doctor wasn’t sure how easily the Lego could be dislodged or how big it actually was. Thankfully, it came out without a problem and Emmett never even flinched.

Afterwards, we talked to him about why we never put anything in our nose or ears.

The doctor also checked his ears and his other nostril to make sure that there weren’t any stowaways. We are now back at home and trying to relax. 

I know how tempting it can be to shove Legos or other small objects into your nose.  I urge you to exercise restraint because it really isn’t as fun as it looks. 

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When I was five, my best friend and I had been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and at school one day we were sucking on marbles and pretending they were Everlasting Gobstoppers. Somebody ran into my friend and made her swallow the marble, and she freaked out massively, so we ran to the school nurse to get sorted, and then her parents took her home because she was so panicked. It was about an hour later that I realised in all the kerfuffle I had swallowed my marble too. I was just like ‘eh, it’s round.’ and decided it wouldn’t kill me and went about my day, lol


reonyea lol 🙂

Lost and Tired


Sarah Chierico

Im glad the blanket wrapping worked for him, we do this a lot to help our son to calm down, he likes to be squished as often as possible

Sarah Chierico

I did the same thing with a pebble when I was a kid, it was not fun but it got me a morning off school, my mother was probably not as pleased as me.

Rob Gorski

They are… Thanks. 🙂

Gilda M Sanchez

My Eddie put blue Playdoh in his ear one time. We had to rush him to the hospital too. Thankfully things are okay with Emmett now.


I read once about a guy who was like 32 who went to the hospital to have a bean removed from his ear. It had actually been in there for like 25 years and he just never told anybody, and finally decided it was high time to get it removed.


You know, if Elliott hadn’t told us, I don’t know that we would have ever known. That’s kinda scary..


lostandtired I guess the bean didn’t cause any problems for the man. At the time it happened, he didn’t want to tell because he’d get into trouble. And the more time that passed after the bean insertion, the more awkward it would have been to tell. Then finally, as an adult, I guess he was like “Well, I have my own insurance now, let’s get rid of it.”


Glad to hear everything worked out ok in the end!  🙂


Thank you


reminds me of when I was a kid, I tried to find out what a bead smelled like.  I make beaded jewelry today



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