On our way to the Emergency Room

On our way to the Emergency Room

Please say a prayer for Emmett.  He shoved a large Lego all the way up his nose.  It’s bleeding and he’s freaking out. 


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For more ways to help the Lost and Tired family, please visit Help the Lost and Tired Family.

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Oh no!!!  Good luck!! But been there – with fuzz from a pillow!! Yeah not fun!!

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

Vicki Hill Riedel

Feeling for you. My son put a coffee bean up his nose like that once.

Holly Terchila

i had one stepdaughter that stuck a bean in ear. hopefully they can get him calmed down long enough to get it out. if he’s like mine it will take 4-5 people to hold him. feel bad for ya

Maria Hall

Not even gonna ask…. but dying to! Hope everything comes out alright and he is more or less unscathed…..


Those legos man… 101 ways to cause pain.


Probably the most common blog post made by parents all over the world ;P Good luck!

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