On our way to the Emergency Room

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Please say a prayer for Emmett.  He shoved a large Lego all the way up his nose.  It’s bleeding and he’s freaking out. 


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  • HandbookMomma says:

    Oh no!!!  Good luck!! But been there – with fuzz from a pillow!! Yeah not fun!!

  • Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

  • Feeling for you. My son put a coffee bean up his nose like that once.

  • i had one stepdaughter that stuck a bean in ear. hopefully they can get him calmed down long enough to get it out. if he’s like mine it will take 4-5 people to hold him. feel bad for ya

  • autismfather says:

    Those legos man… 101 ways to cause pain.

  • Maria Hall says:

    Not even gonna ask…. but dying to! Hope everything comes out alright and he is more or less unscathed…..

  • Lexidh says:

    Probably the most common blog post made by parents all over the world ;P Good luck!