Monday Night Fever :-( -

Monday Night Fever :-(

I was having a rough time sleeping due to our horrible mattress. As I was in the process of moving downstairs to the couch, I noticed Elliott’s door was open. 

We usually keep their door closed because the cats tend to nibble on the boys toes.

As I looked in his room, I saw that Elliott was crying.  When I asked him what was wrong, he got upset.  When I checked him out, he was burning up.  I can’t tell if he’s running a fever or was just overheating.

Either way, he was coughing and hacking so I brought him downstairs to sleep on the couch after he got his rescue inhaler. 

We are currently watching the Wonder Pets and he’s almost asleep.  Hopefully, he was just overheating tonight and he’s not actually sick.  🙁


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