Treasure hunting in the couch cushions

Treasure hunting in the couch cushions

We are an outside the box kind of family. There is really nothing normal or typical about us. This also includes what we do for fun.

Today is a perfect example.

The boys have been begging me to clean out the couches.  They love to pull off the cushions and dig for treasure.

Aside from all the trash and Cheerios, the boys find toys they’ve been missing and loose change they can claim for themselves.  It’s literally like a treasure hunt for them.

This is one of those weird kinda things that make us who we are. 

I sometimes feel like I must be depriving them somehow if they find amusement in cleaning out the couches. You know, like how boring their life must be, if the highlight of their day is digging through the couch cushions. Having said that, I suppose as long as they’re happy, that all that matters.

One the other hand, I think that I can understand why they seem to like this type of treasure hunt. 

I will just let them be kids.  🙂



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I laughed so hard when I read the title. The common joke among our family is to NEVER reach into our couch cushions, you may not come out alive. So after 8 yrs we bought new couches (they were my valentines day present) We had standards. They had to sit on the floor so nothing would roll under them. Our Jack Russell’s favorite thing to do was roll her ball under there and tear up the couch trying to get it back. The cushions had to be attached because as much as I love cushion forts, I could not take it anymore. Also the top or back cushions had to be attached for the same reason as before. I cannot tell you the things we found in those cushions over the years. With 4 kids it was an interesting chore to say the least.


JenniferWhynott Well, at least I’m not alone. 🙂


JenniferWhynott for the record, I took the legs off our couches just to keep from having to clean out all the things that inevitably ended up underneath them. 🙂

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