Okay... I give up..... I'm off to immediate care -

Okay… I give up….. I’m off to immediate care

Shortly after I woke up this afternoon, I started into a coughing fit that…well…I’ll just say was very unpleasant.  I had a hard time breathing and as soon as I felt better, I took myself to Aultman North (think immediate care). 

Turns out I have Bronchitis and have this cool new inhaler and a few other meds.

Thankfully, we caught it before it got too bad and I should be good in a few days.  If anyone has any thing wooden around them, please knock on it for me.  🙂



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I remember going to urgent care, wheezing so badly that they gave me a breathing treatment right away while they tried to figure out what was wrong. (Strep throat.) I’d never had a breathing treatment before and it was actually quite pleasant, up until the point where they took the breathing thingy off and I suddenly spit a cupful of drool down my shirt.


MeaghanGood thanks.  I got an inhaler and it actually seems to make a difference.  🙂


Glad to hear that dude.


AMDuser thanks 🙂

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