Second dog attack this week in our neighborhood -

Second dog attack this week in our neighborhood

So we have two new families in our neighborhood.  Both families have dogs.  I was approached by the family across the street this morning to let me know that their dog had been attacked by the other families 3 pit pull terriers.

The family across the street have this cute Germany Shepherd mix that always on a leash and aside from barking on occasion, doesn’t bother anyone. 

The other family down the street, has 3 pits, two of whom are preggers.

The three pits got loose again and went onto their property and attacked their dog, causing injuries to its left front leg.

I had shared this before but a few days ago, one of the pits got loose again and went after two little girls walking their tiny little dog.


Lizze and I heard screaming and I ran out to see what was going on.  When I saw what was going on I ran over and picked the little dog up and distracted the pit so the girls could run home without being chased.

While I had the little dog in my arms, the out kept coming after me, trying to get to the little dog. 

Lizze was in the house trying to hold Maggie back because Maggie was trying to come through the Window and protect me. 

Anyway, because the first attack was not reported by the two little girls family, nothing was done.  My neighbors across the street called the dog warden after their dog was attacked but all that you as given was a warning. 

I’m totally not anti-pit. I mean, Maggie is an English Staffy. As aggressive as she looks she wouldn’t hurt a fly and is absolutely amazing with the kids.  Plus we are responsible owners.

They are actually very gentle animals and make great additions to any family.

Having said that, it’s all about the owners.  When you have owners that aren’t responsible or let their dogs continue to escape the house, it becomes a problem. 

Anytime you have a pack of dogs running around you tend to see more aggressive behavior.

This is going to be a really long summer and I’m going to really have to make sure to pay closer attention before letting Maggie and Bella outside. 


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I am not Anti Pit Bull also at all. I hope for those dog owners they wise up quick and strengthen there fence since they have not raised those pits right. With pits or any other dogs but mainly pits because of there lock jaw need to be raised right and socialize with others dogs then they are pups. Also some people don’t know this along time ago the pit bull breed were breed as Nanny Dogs because Pit Bulls are very loyal and they would protect the kids to the end of it’s life.


AMDuser and Boom! There it is. I was waiting for this “lock jaw” comment. A total myth. Pit bulls nor bully type dogs have lock jaw or a type of locking mechanisms in their jaws. This is a misconception that keeps circulating and misinformed people and the media keep repeating.


AMDuser pitbulls do not have locking jaws. Their physical makeup is no different than other dogs, there is nothing ”locking” about their jaws… they may be strong but that doesnt mean they LOCK. please do research before saying such things


BabyRapunzel AMDuser @PibblesNMe  well said.  They happen to have a powerful bite but nothing locks.  They’re just really strong.  
We have an English Staffy and she could snap my arm if she wanted to.  She’s as gentle as they come and the same goes for most pits. It’s all about the owner


lostandtired BabyRapunzel AMDuser Mine is a rescued american bulldog/american staffordshire mix of 83 lbs. No locking jaws there. Although he had a horrible previous life, he is most adorable, loving, and loyal. Shame they get a bad rap. I hope something can be done about your neighbors. Hate to see the dogs get taken away and well, you know what happens then. 🙁


PibblesNMe lostandtired BabyRapunzel AMDuser agreed.  Unfortunately, safety has to come first and these dogs need to be trained, socialized and sent to a better Gome.

it was my job for if i can guide i will.


Sad to hear these people own dogs without properly socializing them and restraining them when necessary. Gives a bad rep to the breed.


BabyRapunzel well said.

Lost and Tired

Good advice


I truly hate hearing about irresponsible pit bull owners. Sadly, it’s not the dogs fault. They probably lack the proper training and the owners have set them up to fail. It’s sad for those who have been “attacked”. I just wish people would be responsible with their animal, especially pit bulls and bully’s who already get a bad rap because of irresponsible owners and thugs who want to fight them. 🙁 Wish I could offer some good advice on this case. Have any of the neighbors talked to these owners?



3 pits 2 are with pups (thats a breeder,if not registered as such)do contact authorities they need to be taken also report every thing all of it! these folks are money makers and have no control,everyone keep logs (note books of what they see and times,and things said trust me you will need it)cell phones have cameras use them..write letters to these folks demanding better up keep and containment of these dogs if not done in 30 days you and the folks in your hood will need to take action..look on line in your laws most folks cant have more then 2 but when puppies come things will be worse..its not about the breed its about the animal instinct to protect.dont sit on this i know your time is limited but look up your animal laws of your area,if they are renting find landlord take videos show those notes also contact home owners insurance really!!! those dogs will be gone…


Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs.

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