I’m planing for the worst and hoping for the best

I’m fully expecting to have a challenging morning.  The boys will be going back to school after almost 2 weeks off, most of which was spent sick.

Emmett’s already talking about how he doesn’t want to go back because he’s not used to going back or something to that effect. 

He’s going to be very nervous about returning to school after so long. 

Make up work is going to likely prove to be problematic as well. 

I’m really hoping that I’m wrong and that we will just painlessly slide back into our routine but let’s be honest, it’s also going to be a Monday and they just seem out to get me.

Anyway, my fingers are crossed and I’m holding onto hope..  ☺

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Its too bad they couldnt have their makeup work sent home to them rather than get a slew of it on the first day back.. or at least have had the teachers have you pick it up for them. Two weeks out is a long time.

Tough it out with Emmett. He has to go. You are the parent, he is the child. Tell him it is his ‘job’ to go to school and your job to be the Dad. I feel for ya, but he has to go….

Rob Gorski

Oh…. He will be going to school in the morning, they both will. Daddy’s sanity is dependent on that… lol