We have 1 week till Lizze has major surgery. This would require major preparations for any family. However, when you are a special needs family those preparations are significantly more complicated. For the Lost and Tired family that requires multiple locations for the kids to go. We typically breaks the kids up and send 2 to one place and the 3rd to somewhere else. Everything depends greatly on Gavin’s current demeanor. Sometimes we need him to go by himself and other time he can go along with Elliott.

Emmett is the most difficult right now. He requires CONSTANT attention and I mean CONSTANT. He is all over the place and very often times gets hurt. He is also very aggressive and physically lashes out. We have to make sure whoever is watching him can physically handle it, most people can’t. Each of my kids is equal to about 3 kids each, especially Emmett. It’s exhausting on a good day so leaving the kids with anyone is always makes us a bit nervous.

These are just the main concerns. There is Emmett’s diet and Gavin’s meds. Those are all concerns. The list can go on and on but I think I have made my point.

The arrangements required to get the surgery done is almost more difficult then the surgery itself. Not an easy task but we have 8 days left to get it done.

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