So much for resting and getting better -

So much for resting and getting better

Lizze is now officially out of commission and I’m still sick and on my own. 🙁

Lizze is in a really bad place. 

This is more like a nervous breakdown and one that’s been coming on for awhile.  With her hormones completely out of whack, who the hell knows what’s going on. 

All I know is that my heart is breaking for her and there isn’t anything that I can do right now, especially while I’m sick. 🙁

We have to try and compartmentalize as much as possible so that the boys don’t destabilize.  With that in mind, I offered the let Lizze go to bed and I would just take care of everything.  Looks like pizza for dinner is all I’m going to have the energy to do.  The boys will be excited and I can just phone it in and wait.  🙂

I’m really hoping we can get to the bottom of all that’s going on with her so she can get her life back, I can get my wife back and the boys can get their mother back.  Life shouldn’t be this hard for her and she trys her best to still be every thing for everyone.

We just have to hunker down and survive this. 


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A nervous breakdown (or similar symptoms) is not caused by a hormonal imbalance. It’s she under any kind of mental health care?


CharlieOz your right but the stress from it and everything else does.  🙂


I totally understand. In addition to all her other doctors, she needs to be under the care of a psychiatrist.
She will never feel physically better until you can heal her mind.

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