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One of the things that I’m making a concerted effort to do, is be a better parent.

We have a lot going on and I’m personally battling with depression as well.  Sometimes motivating myself to do things with the boys is really difficult. 

It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m always so tired from everything I have to do and all the stress I’m under. 

Having said that, I’m really wanting to be a better parent and spend more time with the boys and provide them with a life outside the walls of our house. Things as simple as going outside to play are important. 

One of the parts to this for me is spending more time outside. 

The problem is that our neighborhood is not safe and we don’t have the money for gas to always drive somewhere. 

What I’m doing is this. I take the kids outside, with both dogs and typically only when their are others outside as well.  I just sorta keep an eye out for questionable cars and the dogs keep track of people walking by. 

We can’t live in fear but we still have to be safe.  At least as safe as possible. 

In truth, we could be in  the house and someone could drive by and fire shots into our windows.  Honestly, that’s happened about as much as the random shooting of people just outside in their yards or walking their dogs. 

Until we can relocate, I just have to do whatever I can do to find balance. 


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Jodi p thanks for the link.  I will check into it ASAP…  🙂


You guys rent, right? Why can’t you just find a place in a better area for the same rent?


It should be easier than if you owned the house…


CharlieOz correct.  We’re actually on a land contract.  However, we’re month to month at this point.  It’s a bit more complicated because we’re dealing with family on the house and leaving impacts them.  Plus, we have to find a place that will allow the dogs etc.  
We’ve looked and can’t find anything.  We pay $460/month and while we could stay current if we were current, we just can’t get caught up.  
I have actually been looking for a couple of years.  Ever something simple, in a better area is roughly twice what we’re paying now.


$460 is a stellar price for a house rental!
I have to agree with you…you’re going to be hard pressed to match that $ for another place.


CharlieOz I know.  Part of the reason for the price is that’s the actual mortgage payment, no dealer markup, if that makes sense.