Emmett and the Crickets.

Kellie, ignore the cricket part and just watch the very end. I’m really excited by this. 🙂


Emmett and I hung out at the pet store today for a little while. We had to get Crickets for Toothless, Elliott’s Bearded Dragon. Emmett was very excited to see the fish, so we spent a good half hour walking from tank to tank. Finally, we had to leave so we got the crickets we were there for and were on our way home.



Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Oh my Oh my Oh my this is just awesome. Well done Emmett for saying crickets so so clearly and well talk about giggle til I had tears coming down my face when you said Hi Hugh and Bye Hugh. I am so proud of you for saying it you are gorgeous!
Sorry I havnt replied sooner Hugh has a cold and wasnt interested in sitting still for any period of time. We watched it today for the first time together and this is what happened… Hugh squeeled with joy at seeing Emmett, then he sat quietly and watched Emmett talking about the crickets, then he hi fived the air near the screen when Emmett held up his hand then he said "hi" and waved but didnt say bye. When I turned it off he looked at the blank screen and said "cricket"! I am so happy thats another new word we thought hed never say! Thankyou Emmett for teaching Hugh to talk xoxo
PS maybe we should stop spending all this ridiculous amounts of money on therapy for them and just let them teach each other?


I thought you guys would like that. That's a great idea. They would probably learn better that way as well.