The lighter side of #Autism: Easy Peasy -

The lighter side of #Autism: Easy Peasy

Mondays are traditionally not good days for the Lost and Tired family.  This holds true today once again.  However, on the lighter, more positive side of things, Elliott got off to school without a problem. 

He did a really good job of getting ready without any hassle. 

On a day like today, I have to focus on something positive and anytime that Elliott gets ready for school without a problem, is a positive thing. 

As Lizze would say, getting Elliott off to school today was easy peasy.


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I know what you mean! Today I had to pick up my son, who has autism, from in mid-morning to take him to a 11:15 doctor appointment. Having to disrupt his routine makes him very upset, and the last time I tried to pick him up he refused to come and I had to reschedule the appointment. So I packed a lunch for him (he loves a lunch box meal) and when I picked him up, I said he could have his lunch I had packed when he got back to school. He put on his coat and came right along with me! So now I know what to do next time!

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