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It’s not often that I can share really positive news and I’m super excited to be able to do that right now. 

We got the first round of lab results in from the 14 vials of blood drawn at the Cleveland Clinic last week. Everything is back to within normal or acceptable range. 

The really big news is that she tested negative for any type of clotting disorder.

This means that she can safely receive hormone replacement therapy, without increased risks of more clots. 

Apparently, the DVT she had in here a few years ago, was just a fluke and was not genetically driven.  This is awesome.  This is really, really awesome. 

What does this mean?

Well her levels normalizing is something that was expected.  During menopause, much like puberty, her hormones will be all over the place.  All over the place will sometimes include being normal. 

Nothings changed on the menopause front and we didn’t expect that it would.

Right now,  we’re really happy that she doesn’t have a clotting disorder and can receive estrogen, to help her through this difficult process.

Thank you Cleveland Clinic…


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