OMG…. Guess what just happened

There are times that things happen and while they don’t happen often, it’s amazing each time they do.  This is a perfect example.

Gavin was hanging out with Emmett and watching Netflix in his his room. 

Emmett curled up on his bed and pulled his weighted blanket over himself.  What happened next is what hardly ever happens.  Emmett took a nap.  That’s right, you heard correctly.  Emmett took a nap, all by himself. 

Mr. Emmett John stopped napping about a year ago and while it feels as though he still needs his nap at time, he does pretty well without it. 

Gavin, upon realizing that Emmett had fallen asleep, decided it was best to shut the TV off and quietly sneak out of Emmett’s room, so as not to wake him.  Then he came downstairs to let me know that Emmett was asleep. 

I guess the stars were aligned this morning.  🙂


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Lost and Tired

missabeat I tried feedly last night, it worked fine.  I just searched for Lost and Tired and it worked.


I use feedly…I’ve also used google reader in the past, and it didn’t work on there either!


Its a double win! A win for Emmett for getting a nap, and a win for Gavin for being thoughtful and considerate enough to turn the tv off and leave quietly!

Lost and Tired

missabeat what reader are you using?  I wasn’t aware it wasn’t working.  🙂


May I ask why you have it set so that we cannot view the blog post from a reader? I always have to click off my reader and onto your webpage to read your posts, which makes me not do it very often as I prefer to just scroll through the feeds. Just wondering!