It’s almost like he’s marking his territory

It’s almost like he’s marking his territory

In the Lost and Tired household, there are a few ongoing jokes.  By jokes I mean so thing that happens on an ongoing basis and we see it, we immediately know who was involved. 

This picture below captures one of those moments. 

Emmett went all day without wearing his clothes.  He got dressed to go to Dr. Patti’s but the moment he arrived home, it’s like he literally she’d his clothes. 🙂

This time I happen to find them in the bathroom, but we can find them in random places around the house. 

I realize that this isn’t necessarily a good thing but when I stumble across this evidence that Emmett had been there, it always makes me smile. 

It’s almost like he’s marking his territory.  🙂


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It’s interesting to think about him in 20 years – comes home from work. Wife puts dinner on the table – he enters the dining room in only boxers. We hope for someone who will love our sons – even if the tags itch – or he runs hot- or just feels like being free.
It’s good that he knows it’s ok to be himself. We should all be so loved!


ElisaM well said.  🙂


Yea what AMD said! It’s not a bad thing that he decides to go commando around the house. Who cares? Maybe if you’re concerned about it try to compromise with him and get him little boxer briefs that he can wear when he doesn’t want to wear clothes. That way he’s covered so you’re happy and he’s happy too. 😀 Win win in my opinion.


Silachan he never really goes commando. Lol
He’s in his little underpants.  I’m not to worried about it, at this point I still think it’s cute.  🙂 I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining, I was just sharing.  🙂


clothes are not bad it could be worst.


AMDuser absolutely

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