If I still had hair I’d be ripping it out

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I’m getting frustrated because my two sensory sensitive kiddos are not eating anything we have in the house, aside from Goldfish crackers. This is so frustrating because we have a decent amount of food in the house and they won’t eat any of it.

Last week I spent $200 at the grocery store and for whatever reason, none of it is palatable to them.

I should stress that they aren’t being difficult for the sake of being difficult. This is the result of sensory processing disorder and I’m not mad at them for this because it isn’t their fault. At the same time however, I’m still frustrated and if I had any hair left, I’d be pulling it out.

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Knowing it’s not their fault doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to deal with. In fact, sometimes it actually makes it harder and more exhausting. That’s because knowing it isn’t their fault makes me work extra hard not to get upset or lose my cool. This level of patience isn’t easy to maintain and it’s absolutely exhausting.

To anyone out there who’s dealing with food related sensory issues, I totally get it. You aren’t alone and sometimes, all you can do is take comfort in the knowledge that there are others out there fighting the same fight. ☺