Meet Bella and Maggie

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If you follow this blog, you often hear me refer to Maggie and Bella. Maggie and Bella are our two dogs and we love them to pieces. 

Bella is about 1.5 years old and is a boxer.  Maggie is about 5 years old I think and is an English Staffy/Boxer. 

Basically, Bella is the skinny one and Maggie looks like the sausage with legs.

They were entertaining Emmett yesterday and this is a clip of what they were doing. 

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  • Ella says:

    Those are two very happy dogs!

  • *Sigh* Why does everyone have to name their dogs Maggie?! LOL!!! Just kidding, I’m totally used to it by now 🙂 I love boxers, they’re so pretty and SOOO lovable!