It's important to make sure ones goals are reasonable -

It’s important to make sure ones goals are reasonable

It’s approaching the dinner hour and the boys are still doing pretty good.  Gavin’s asleep and the E’s are quietly playing in their room. 

I’ve had some time to write and get some work done this afternoon. These kinda days just don’t happen very often. 

We’re taking a day off from hiking and sticking indoors because it’s incredibly windy outside and we did a good hike just yesterday.  Maybe we’ll go to a playground or something after dinner but I won’t be heartbroken if the day just continues like it is.  ☺

I do want to take advantage to this calm in the storm so to speak and get caught up on some things around the house. 

My goal for today will be reasonable because otherwise I get frustrated when I can follow through. 

All I want to get done today is washing the bedclothes. 

I had the boys strip their beds and take their sheets and stuff down to the basement.  I just need to toss them in the wash and start thinking about dinner… ☺


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