The missing filter

With Gavin being home again after 7 months of staying with his grandparents, one thing is for certain, he has no filter.

The filter thing was a problem before but it’s definitely a problem now. 

The filter I’m referring to, is the thing that stops him from saying every single thing that pops into his head. I’m pretty sure this is a relatively common Aspie trait.

Although, in Gavin’s case, it’s the things that end up coming out of his mouth that’s the real problem….and of course the fact that his little brothers are right there to hear it doesn’t help either.

How many of you experience this missing filter issue?


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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There has been several times were I may say something a bit to far but got back on track, but with Gavin it may be he was not keeping up with the habit of filtering what he says in turn he slip back in to doing it. 
Like for example when I moved back in 2009 to an area that only had Dial-up and no broadband and I couldn’t do Ventrilo”Voice over Internet” to talk to other people for over 2 years, I started stuttering again a month after I moved. So when that happen it came undone and I had to repractice the things I  know to prevent from stuttering and I am still working on it.


AMDuser that’s a really good explanation.  Thank you 🙂


Hi Rob, This still happens to me at 46, not as much as it did as a youngun. Dad tried to teach me to think before I spoke. Yeah right, like that was ever going to happen. What I find surprising and I guess I shouldn’t is that it continues to happen. At least now I have the wisdom of age to fall back on as I realise if I don’t say what comes to mind it could be important (even though I know in my mind it is not) and if I don’t say it I feel as if I’m being left out. At school and in the workplace, when I did work it was quite a problem depending on the situation. But as I worked in hospitality work colleagues thought it was normal, it was the guest that were taken aback at times. I saw some YouTube vids from Dr Russell Barkley recently. Very enlightening. He stated that the messages between the frontal cortex and the back of the brain do not make the return trip and this in part is a cause of this being unable to filter thoughts.


andrewbromley thanks.  That was a really really, very insightful. 🙂