Gavin is a proud Sonic the Hedgehog fan -

Gavin is a proud Sonic the Hedgehog fan

While we were at the doctors yesterday, Gavin kept making it a point to show everyone his prized Sonic the Hedgehog shirt.

At points it was really awkward because he would just sorta blurt out random comments about his shirt. 

Everyone at the heart center indulged him and made him feel really good.  I promised Gavin that I would also post a picture of both him and his favorite shirt so ya’ll can  have a gander.  🙂


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I am also a sonic fan, I use to watch the old sonic cartoons in the 90s. The Sonic Cartoons are on Netflix they have the 90s ones and the newer ones.


AMDuser Oh…..they watch them all….. 🙂

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