Dammit…….they’re back….

I mentioned yesterday that Emmett was going into another fever flare for the first time this year.  He had red spots in his mouth which is a precursor for the mouth sores…

This morning, we looked again after  he began complaining that his mouth hurt.

The sores are officially popping up now.  This time however, they are showing up along his gumline and they are very, very painful. 

This explains why he refused to brush his teeth and probably was behind this mornings meltdown.

Emmett’s going to be miserable for the next week or so and I don’t blame him one bit.  This is a very painful experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially my sweet little Emmett John.  🙁



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I used to get those all the time as well. As soon as I got them I started taking a lot of vitamin C and the issue went away real quick. Hope it helps.


My son (5 YO) was diagnosed with Periodic Fever Syndrome by an immunologist earlier this year after having 4 bouts of tonsilitis in 4 months with fever flares and mouth sores. He had a tonsil and adenoidectomy this year and has not had one episode since then.  Nothing used to help the fever flares and we had to use high doses of Tylenol and Advil to try to get the fevers down. It was very uncomfortable for him and he was missing a lot of school. The surgery was the best thing we have done for him. It might be worth looking into for Emmett.


csg122 Emmett had his tonsils and adenoids removed in Sept 2011, it eventually helped with the fevers but we still had the mouth sores until recently.  
They used to do prednisone to quash the flare ups. Not a good idea long term. Your one of the very first families that I’ve met with a similar situation.  Thank you for sharing.


csg122 “Periodic Fever Syndrome”? Reminds me of when I was diagnosed with “New Daily Persistent Headache.” Thank you Captain Obvious.


I get those from tree nuts (walnuts, pecans, etc.) — not the tongue sores, but the canker sores.  I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but you could keep a really detailed log of what he eats and see if there are any predictors.  He seems to get them pretty frequently, so you might be able to pick up on some correlation… I think cinnamon is another common cause.


dotdash  that’s been ruled out already. It’s just some weird part of this fever disorder.  Although, he does appear to he outgrowing it and that will be awesome.  

Thanks for the advice because it’s actually really good advice, just something we’ve already done.  🙂


lostandtired dotdash I should have known, of course you’ve thought of that.  (How do they test for that?  I’d love to have my kids tested to see if they have this walnut-canker sore thing, too)


dotdash lostandtired Emmett’s isn’t from walnuts but as far as testing for what he has, it was basically eliminating anything else and establishing a pattern.  I don’t know if there is a single test for this.  🙁

Lost and Tired

It’s called PFAPA and it’s part of a fever disorder

Candy Underhill

My son gets those too, Dr. Has no explanation as to why he gets them.

Laurel Stuart

🙁 Hugs.