I’m so proud of my kids

I’m so proud of my kids

I’m always proud of my kids, aways.  However, I’m even prouder, if that’s possible, because they did awesome at the cookout.

All three of them did absolutely awesome. 

We had a small snafu with Gavin but he actually did a really good job keeping himself under control.  We went off by himself and cooled off. 

There were of course consequences for his previous actions but he dealt with them and didn’t throw a tantrum.  Great job Gavin.  🙂

Like I told Gavin today,  we all make mistakes.  It’s what we do after them that really matters. 

While no part of me even remotely believes Gavin’s learned a lesson, the fact that he opted not to freak out, is a victory in and of itself. 

We all had a really good time. 

The boys should all be thoroughly worn out and ready for bed soon. 

Lizze however, didn’t fare so well but that’s another post for later on.  Right now it’s time for tubbies and downtime before bed and returning to school in the morning. 


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Lost and Tired

So true

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

That’s all good, glad you all had a good time though, you two need to step beyond your comfort zone and enjoy a nice glass of wine together when the kids go to bed. I know, it sounds all good and all, sleep seems more appropriate huh!? Sad, but true!

Lost and Tired

Honestly, I didn’t even finish the first one. I did have a few glasses of root beer. That’s a bit more my style. Lizze had some wine and that was really cool because, like me, we never do anything like that. 🙂

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

Hope you more than ONE’

Lost and Tired

Thanks 🙂 It’s been a few years since I let go enough to have a grownup drink. 🙂

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

No, you actually had an adult beverage! Good for you and the family!


That is good news about Gavin how he did go off and cool down before he was in critical meltdown 🙂


AMDuser yes it is. 🙂

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