Thankfully no one was hurt tonight……

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I just left my neighbors house after finding out that someone on a bike, rode by and was firing a pellet gun at our houses. It was roughly 10pm around the time this happened.

The jackass on the bike shot out my neighbors window and literally blew out the back window of their car.

While Lizze and I were watching TV, in front of our giant picture frame window, I heard something ping off the siding of our house but couldn’t find the cause. 
Before bed, I was letting the dogs out and my neighbor called me over.

Someone had actually witnessed what happened and said it was a guy,  early 20’s…… maybe. Hard to tell cause it was so dark out.  The guy was riding a bike and firing off shots at our side of the street as he rode by. 
The cops said they were really surprised because typically, a BB or pellet won’t blow out the rear window on a car the way this one did.

I’ll double check our house for damage in the morning, but I’m pretty sure all that happened was the BB’s or pellets just hit the siding.  I think we will end up lucky on this one. 


It’s really sad that people feel they can just cause destruction to another’s personal property and walk away as though nothing happened.  What’s wrong with society?

I know it could totally be worse…trust me, I know.  This brought back memories of the drive by and stabbing from about a year and a half ago. I almost died in the drive by……

Still, I just can’t help but wonder what’s happening to our kids that they can grow up and behave in this manner.

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The problem is that manufacturer’s are making higher and higher velocity BB Guns powered by CO2 cartridges.  Many of these have semi-automatic or fully automatic firing mechanism to further increase their dangerous nature.
These are far more dangerous than the air-rifles you might have learned gun safety using.   Honestly, I don’t think they should be classified as the same type of firearm.