Things are getting much more dangerous

Things are getting much more dangerous

If you recall, I wrote a post the other night detailing something that had just happened in our neighborhood (see Thankfully one was hurt tonight).

Basically, about 10 pm that night, someone rode through our neighborhood firing a high powered pellet gun at our house and my two neighbors houses as well.  My one neighbor got it the worst as this person with the gun blew out the back window of their Explores and also hit a window on the property as well. 

It was dark and so I didn’t actually see any damage at the time. 

However, I was outside with Emmett this afternoon and I found three holes in our siding, all within a very short distance of a window.

I don’t know much about pellet or bb guns but I do know the cops said that it really unusual for something to shatter a window the way whatever they were shooting did. 

It’s clear that this person was aiming for windows and came very close to achieving their goal.

Thankfully, they missed because they would have shot right into the window belonging to Elliott and Emmett. 
Can you imagine what something like that would have done to any child, let alone two on the Autism Spectrum.  Elliott’s anxiety alone would have been an absolute nightmare.

Whatever they shot with, hit so hard that it actually embedded fragments of the siding, into the foam insulation underneath it.

I’m not exactly sure what to do at this point.

I have no doubt that our windows would have shattered because they are original to our century old house.

I was speaking with some of my neighbors this afternoon and everyone is scared.  There are people that have been in there house for 30 years that are looking to move now. 

This is really sad. 

There much worse neighborhoods but honestly, we don’t live there.  It’s getting really dangerous here and there isn’t really anything we can do but move. 




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Shalina J Black

I’m glad that no one was hurt.


It is really, really sad when people established in a neighborhood for so long become afraid in their own homes.  It makes me so angry.  April 30th, my house where my mom still resides got broken into and robbed.  It was my grandparents’ house and I grew up there, so the house has belonged to our family for over 45 years.  Thankfully, I had suggested to mom that we go to dinner that night and she dropped me off at my apartment later on.  When she got home, they were still in the house but she didn’t see them, just that the basement door was open (which we never leave open).  She went back outside and called the cops.  When they all went back in later, the kitchen light was on, which wasn’t on the first time.  They had gone out the kitchen and the back door.
It’s very scary and you and the neighbors have every right to be worried.  I pray that everyone stays safe in your home and your neighbors’ homes.


Terrifying! I hope the police catch the idiots doing this soon. Have you considered forming a neighborhood watch?


were the things round metal balls because normally pallets are compressed powder or even plastic balls because they are used in games. BBs are mainly used for is targeting. seeing the pics it looks like they were BB’s.

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