Hiking at @StarkParks Sippo Lake with our #Autistic kids

Hiking at @StarkParks Sippo Lake with our #Autistic kids

I’m way behind on this particular post because it’s been a long week. That being said, I wanted to share pictures from our hike at Stark Parks Sippo Lake.

We planned this day trip the night before and it was only about a twenty-minute drive from our house.

This particular hike was a bit less aggressive than our previous hike at Quail Hollow a few days prior. The path took us on about a 1.8 mile journey through lightly wooded and marshy areas.

While we prefer the more off the beaten path kinda trails, this was still absolutely beautiful.

The boys struggled with this one more than they did at Quail Hollow and that hike was over a mile longer.

I think the problem was the crushed limestone path. The gravel was getting into their shoes. Between that and the fact that they barely tolerate shoes on a good day, this did prove to be problematic, especially for Emmett. It was a sensory nightmare for him.

Having said that, Emmett pushed through and like the rest of us, had an amazing time.

Below are the pictures from the Sippo Lake trails. These are much different than the ones shot at Quail Hollow but it’s a completely different environment.

[foogallery id=”81426″]

This was our second hike for the week and while we prefer hiking through the forest, we can’t complain about the view.. ☺

I grabbed some maps and have begun planning this week’s hikes. There are dozens of Stark Parks and we want to hit as many as possible.

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