A Blessing and A Curse: 8 pills twice a day

For those of you unaware of the amount of medically and psychologically necessary medications, I thought I would share this little tidbit with you.

I’m not going to focus on the names in this post because I’m just looking to illustrate something else.

Gavin’s on at minimum, 17 pills a day.

What you see below is a picture of his morning mess only.  Believe it or not, this is significantly less than what it used to be. 

We have been able to safely remove several medications over the last few years. His doctors have said that we have removed everything that is possible to remove, at least at this time. 

What’s left is longterm medications that he simply couldn’t function without.

Several of the pills you see are related to the automatic issues and those are newer.

What I wanted to point out and give Gavin full credit for is just how well he does taking pills. He’s super awesome when it comes to taking his meds. He never complains and he actually wants to take them.

I hate the fact that he needs these meds but I’m eternally grateful that he takes them without a problem.

This is both a blessing and a curse.


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  • AMDuser says:

    Wow that is alot from my view point

  • Ruedii says:

    Myself, the past few years have been tough shifting Meds.  I’m down to much lower levels on a few of them, some of them we have increased to counter.  We have found that using a method of hitting as many symptoms at once with medicines is useful.  
    This keeps me down to 3 medicines plus my vitamins, which is pretty good.

  • Man I’m sorry you are facing so many hardships. I can definately relate. Getting the electric turned off happens all too often to us. If I had the money to help id send it to you. Hang in there, and stay strong. You guys are in my prayers