We will rise above and move forward -

We will rise above and move forward

I have to just say that today has gone straight down the crapper. I mean……. wow. 

I know that the right thing to do is not give the person (whom we think we know) the satisfaction of knowing they are affecting us.  Having said that, I think we all know that this has added a tremendous about of strain to our lives. 

For the record, Lizze and I are complete disasters right now. 

Let me be very clear.

I’m not afraid of what will come of this because we have nothing to hide. However, it does shake our trust because this was very likely someone that we know. 

The boys are at their grandparents so Lizze and I could process this without stressing them out.

Lizze is a walking panic attack and even though we know that by fully cooperating, which we fully intend to do, this will be put behind us, the fact that we have to go through this in the first place is more than she can cope with right now..


That’s the part that makes angry. 

Even though this process will be over and we will rise above, damage can still be done. 

Now we don’t know who we can trust anymore.  If someone we know could do this to us, I really don’t know what to say.

Like I said, we will rise above this and put all the pain, fear and anxiety behind us. 

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You will be okay – you will rise above this – and you will learn to trust again. {{hugs}} I did it and I know you can do the same. If we give up total trust in our friends we give up a piece of ourselves. By the same token, you have to deal with the loss of trust you’ve been dealt. And the stress as well! I wish I were closer, I’d come give you both big hugs. As it is, tell Lizze to feel free to text me if she wants another shoulder and you guys keep your chins up. You CAN do this! You WILL do this. And you WILL be stronger because of it!


Good luck, Rob. What a terrible thing to happen to you. Although, honestly, I am not surprised — nothing to do with you or your parenting ability, I have just read that many if not most parents of special needs kids get reported to CPS at some point by people who don’t understand.


Rob & Lizze
     I didn’t get to post earlier, but I wanted to let you know that for whatever it’s worth those of us who read you KNOW how much you do to the near exclusion of anything else for your children.  Those kids are likely the luckiest kids in the world to have you guys as parents you go to every single possible promising appointment to even just try to get things helped, figured out, straightened, or fixed.  You seem as if you would literally walk to the ends of the earth and back if thats what you needed to do and I can’t understand what type of hateful human being would do such a thing, but I know they exist.
     Short answer here is: I am completely confident(and we have never met) that these children are in the best hands they could possibly be in.  They are LOVED, safe, well cared for, fed, educated, and enriched daily by 2 extremely loving parents and a more complete support system than most people have.  I am completely behind you, I only wish that held some weight somewhere.
you are in my thoughts

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