At the Doc’s, Gavin is getting blood work

At the Doc’s, Gavin is getting blood work

Sitting waiting for Gavin’s blood to taken. He is doing ok but I can see the anxiety building. I’m not sure how this is going to go. He can either be really good or it can take about 9 people to drawl his blood. I really hope it goes well cause I don’t have the energy to fight him right now.

Lost and Tired

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Wow, I just caught up with your blog. I forgot to subscribe to the new wordpress feed and wondered why you hadn't updated….duh!!…..I finally figured it out. I am pretty slow when it comes to computers. Anyway. I hope your wife is doing ok. So so sorry everything you are going through.

I hope Gavin's school started taking you seriously! How frustrating. I love your idea with the oatmeal for dinner. Matt hates oatmeal too. The texture and looks bother him so much, he can't even look at it. For Matt, it would just trigger a huge explosion. But I am with you, try whatever works. We're starting to run out of ideas as well. Our inlaws come over when Matt is in a rage to take him to their house. He know that is a consequence but lately it hasn't been consistant because they are not always available…..which pretty much defeats a lot of its purpose. I have noticed a HUGE change in matt since going off the miritazaphine (anti-depressant) We are down to about 1-2 mild explosions per day instead of the 5 intense ones. The clonidine seems to help a little. I know this can change though. Stay strong, Rob and Lizze!


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