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Do you remember last week, when the boys went to the Akron Aeros baseball game with their class and my Dad?

Apparently, Gavin’s teacher had the kids create a pennant that expressed their individuality and theme it to baseball. 

I hadn’t even seen this until yesterday morning. 

I brought this up to Gavin’s teacher at the wraparound meeting yesterday and she explained what the pennant was all about.  Gavin created a team called the Summit Academy Hedgehogs.

We were talking about this yesterday and it was really cute because in all the excitement of the game, it hadn’t occurred to his teacher what had inspired this masterpiece. 

It just clicked yesterday and I’m wondering if anyone else can share with me what they think is the inspiration behind this pennant. 

I’ll give you each 3 guesses but you should only need one.  😉


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