Emmett’s fever flares may have returned 

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On Saturday night, Emmett began complaining of his mouth hurting. When I checked it out for him, I found a rather large mouth sore on the inside of his lip. 

This may end up being nothing more than a random cold sore but Emmett’s never had random cold sores. When these painful little things show up, it’s always been because he was entering into a fever flare. 

He’s been really, really grumpy today and hasn’t been eating much. All of these things are classic signs of a flare but he hasn’t had one since early last year…  🙁 

We’ll have to see how he’s doing in the morning before we know how school will be handled. If he’s in pain, we can kiss him wearing shoes and socks goodbye because there’s no way that he will tolerate them. 

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, you can get caught up by reading here… 

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