Operation Hope: Say Hello to Urology -

Operation Hope: Say Hello to Urology

On Friday afternoon, I received a phone call from Dr. Moodley’s office at the Cleveland Clinic.  Gavin is being referred to Urology and we are scheduled to be in Cleveland on June 12th.

The reasoning behind this appointment is because of Gavin’s recent issues with bladder control.

Bladder control issues are most likely a progression of his autonomic dysfunction.  However, before we can just say that, we have to rule out structural problems that could be responsible for this relatively recent problem.


If Urology clears him, then my understanding is that it’s reasonable to assume that this is related to autonomic dysfunction. 

It’s also possible that it could be medication related but that’s doubtful because this was going on before the recent medication changes related to the autonomic stuff. 

We still have a bit if time between now and then so we have plenty of time to figure out how best to handle the uncomfortable appointment. 

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