An #android fanatics first hands on impressions of the #iPad

With everything that has gone on over the past few days, I neglected to share something pretty exciting with you all. 

Most of you know that I’m a huge android fan. I’m not anti-iPad in any way.  That said, I don’t like the way apple does business and that has been a big reason why we don’t buy apple products. 

However, recently that has changed.

I’ve acquired my first ever iPad.


I’m working with a company that wants me to do a comparison between android devices and the iPad, as it relates to kids with Autism. 

This was an interesting proposal for me but I didn’t own anything apple. To address this, they sent me a brand new iPad with Retina display and I’ve been playing with it for a few days now. 

I’m going to be doing a big write up on this at a later date but right now I want to give you all my first impressions. 

First Impressions

Basically, there are things that I like about the iPad and quite a few things that I don’t. 

The device itself is a beautiful and elegant piece of hardware.  There is certainly no denying that. The user interface is smooth as butter but very simple and without the ability to support customization.

My first impression of the app store is that it has a wide variety of apps that don’t appear to be available on the Google Play Store, at least yet.

The device itself is a bit heavy and much larger than what I’m accustomed to using.

That said, the build quality is absolutely amazing and far exceeds that of many of the android tablets that I have used. 

I’ll be sharing more of my impressions as time goes on but I wanted to give you my first impressions. 

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@Kate AMDuser  you’re both right.  You gotta be careful and yes there is a password.  🙂 So far the iPad is different than what I’m used to but I wouldn’t take it over a decent android tablet.


I know at least with an ipod though you can set a password and turn off in-app purchases. When you do that any time you want to install a new app you have to enter that password, and if you are already in an app (if it is one of those ones that has in-app purchases) it won’t let you make any purchases. I’m sure its not foolproof but it should keep most kids out (I do that when I want to limit myself from buying stuff and I know I’ll be tempted).


The one warning with ipads is be careful with the apple store around around kids because it is so easy to install stuff.  “I think I spotted a Lego Puzzle game”