We will be interviewed by Child Protective Services today

We will be interviewed by Child Protective Services today

In about 2 hours, Child Protective Services will be coming to our house and interviewing my family.  I spoke with the social worker this morning and made the necessary arrangements. 

I have to pick the boys up early from school so we can get this done. 

She promised to interview the boys in our presence and as a group. The was comforting to hear. 


I know that we have nothing to hide and so we should have nothing to fear.  However, it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like we are at risk of losing our kids, all because some sad person got up on Friday morning and decide that our lives weren’t challenging enough. 

They decided to file a report with Child Protective Services and claim that we don’t take our kids to the doctors. 

We now have to defend ourselves and our children from the hateful claim. 

The impact this has had on Lizze is not something that I can easily explain.  Her anxiety has kicked into overdrive and she’s having nightmares again. 

Please say a prayer for my family today as we try to put this unpleasant experience behind us. 

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OMG! How about you just hold up a laptop and show her the posts?! “We’re off to the doctor again…” “We’re on our way to Akron again…” “Had to take this one or that one to the doctor again…” WOW. I hope to goodness this is at least someone who knows you personally and feels like they have a stake in your family’s life, and not just some dimwit on the internet who doesn’t know anything except for the parts of your life you choose to share to help others.

Prayers for you all! My mom went through this many times with me and my sister. Essentially the social said that as long as there was a roof over our head, food in the pantry, clothes on our backs, there was nothing they could do. Keep smiling!

Kim M Shumaker

Praying for you!

Julie Kinsolving

Been there. <3

Lee Klekotka


Erika Lowery

Praying hard. We have been there too. You will pull through, like you said you have nothing to hide. So don’t. (((hugs)))

My thoughts and blessings are with you today….this is so sad that you are going through this. Wish they would go after the ones that deserve it…this is so wrong!!! {{{{HUGZ}}}}

Cindy Wolf

Rob, I truly wish we could take your whole family in and give you a place to live away from the stuff you’ve been through. The supports here in PA are much better than what it sounds like you have there. Many of your descriptions of your neighborhood remind me of what we went through when living in Northern Virginia. We got out and are ever so glad we moved here. You need a break. Like “yesterday”.

Lost and Tired

Thank you

praying for you all. it is so wrong that you have to prove yourselves because of some jerk

Debbie Wilson



I hope to god that Everything goes fine and the evidance shows that Rob and Liz do a really good job at taking care of the boys and I hope there is an update soon.


Heavenly Father, Be with the social worker who is interviewing the Gorski’s. Give her proper discernment and wisdom. Let her see the love that is shared in this family. Help her to make the right decision. Be with the Gorski’s, especially the kids. Let them know that everyone there is only interested in making sure they are loved and cared for. Wrap Your loving arms around them all, fill them with Your Spirit and give them Your Peace. In Jesus’ precious name – AMEN!


Hope the meeting will go as well as it can today!  There should be a penalty for those who call in CPS for fake charges.  I know, that means that more people would turn a blind eye for children who truly are in need of CPS, but there has to be some sort of safety net for good families to not have to go through this kind of stress.  Also, it would probably less CPS’ load so that they could take care of the families that are really in need of their help/direction.


It’s probably happening right now. Saying a prayer for you guys.   Sorry you’re going through this.


I am going to use a term that I hadn’t heard before several days ago- asshats.  the people who did the reporting?  They are in fact asshats.  Just wanted to make sure you know my family also supports you and yours!


Hang in there!  You’ll be fine.  Once one of these things gets set in motion, the social workers have to do their job and follow through.   I’m sure they’ll take one look, say you are the best parents they’ve seen in a month, write up something for their file, and be out of your lives.  Annoying, for sure.


Definitely supporting you in prayer today Rob. Even though this whole thing is ridiculous, maybe this could also be an opportunity to learn if there are any available services for your family on the state or county level that you’re not yet aware. I used to work for a social services agency and I was always surprised by the services that are out there. Sometimes people don’t even know about them or how to access them. Of course you have nothing to hide and you can even say to the CPS worker that you’re trying to view this situation as a resource opportunity. If they end up having concerns about anything, they’re supposed to offer help in strengthening the family.


trippeduplife you’re right.  The way I see this is that by going through the process, we will be making things more difficult for others to do the same thing.  Thanks. 🙂


trippeduplife lostandtired this is what my wife and I did when the school filed their complaint last year.  We asked for help, and discussed at length what we needed.  Plus, I made sure that the CPS worker knew about my blog.


Hope everything goes well today and satisfies CPS!  Considering you are meeting with doctors on a weekly basis this claim is so bogus and just plain wrong!


Melisssssa thank you 🙂

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