Just one more reason to detest @Apple

Those of you that know me, know that I have a strong disdain for the Apple Corporation.  I actually like the iPad and while I prefer android powered devices, I recognize that Apple puts out a quality, albeit locked down, product.

With that said, you may know that I received an iPad recently and will be doing a comprehensive right up, comparing it to android tablets.

I will admit that I do actually like the iPad. 

Having said that, while downloading the Google Chrome Browser to my iPad this morning, I received a message saying that this was a restricted app, due to inappropriate content. 

The content in question would an arguably better browsing experience.

Check out the picture below and read the rating and warning for this app.  In my opinion, this is in place to discourage users from using a better browser.

I’m disappointed Apple. 


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i got a chrome book and im in heaven..omg …


The reason is for that is because the stock browser you can put parental controls on in the settings. When you download ANY other browser it will say that because the parental controls will not cover that app so it is the wide open web and that include all the others sites that are not good for kids to see.


AMDuser I suppose that’s possible.  Although,  Apple has a long history of squashing any competition.  Who knows.


lostandtired AMDuser That’s a pretty much standard thing for 90% of companies to be honest. It’s kind of a rule of thumb, if you want to be successful then you have to make sure you rise above the competition. As a freelance artist I have to do the same. Someone else selling the same type of art as me- but at a lower price? I have to come up with a better deal that will ‘steal’ customers from them. Though in this case, I’d say that that’s just a standard thing really.  If Apple honestly didn’t want any type of google products on their devices at all, they simply just need to not allow the app to go through. Since each app is reviewed before published.