If I got paid for worrying, I'd be filthy stinking rich -

If I got paid for worrying, I’d be filthy stinking rich

We’ve come to the early end of the school week and the beginning of a four day weekend. I had this in my calendar but for some reason, I forgot about it until Emmett reminded me the other night.

I love having my kids home but after a long stressful week, the idea of a four day weekend has me already feeling overwhelmed.

There are so many things that I’m struggling with right now and I’m being pulled in many different directions, all at the same time.

Everyone in the house is facing their own set of unique challenges. Some are more challenging for me to deal with on a personal level, but everyone is struggling.

I need to do an update on Gavin because he’s hearing new voices calling his name throughout the day. The voice isn’t familiar to him so he’s constantly opening up his door and shouting, did you call me? I’m working on a dedicated post that will discuss this in more detail.

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So at least writing helps you vent AND make more money. That’s a win win!

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